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15 December 2016 @ 10:05 pm
re: tumblr stuff again  
this is re: something I just reblogged and some general culture.  as always, not at anyone on here in particular

ngl, purity policing is one thing that i can't stand. seriously, on bad days it's a c-ptsd trigger from my the shitty, abusive churches i grew up in. that's why i drop anyone who doesn't tag it consistently

the things you want to explore are wrong. the things you think about are wrong. the things you're curious about are wrong. you only want those things because you're bad and wanting them makes you bad. you're poison and if you don't bury it deep where no one can see - because wiping it away never worked, so you pretended - you'll hurt everyone around you, corrupting them. we're only trying to /protect/ people.

and there's a lot of *vague hand wave* cultural purity stuff in fandom that sounds the /exact same/. except now people do in the name of "social justice" or "safe spaces" instead of "holiness." But like I've talked about before - spaces are only safe for a few people at a time, and what makes a safe space for someone else makes it /un/safe for me.